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A Big Welcome To You!

I am an accredited Nutritional Medicine practitioner (BHSc.) based in Melbourne and I applaud you for taking this first step towards your health. In my practice, I will inspire you to employ holistic nutrition principles and to elevate your health to the next level.

My mission is to empower as many people, like you, with the knowledge and practical tools, needed to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I offer NO quick fixes. Your health is a continuing journey spanning your lifetime and one that is worth investing in. I will show you with REAL food how to discover the true power of natural medicine and unlock your body's ability to heal itself. 


My Services

Now is the time to put your health first and do something for you. I'm ready to help you make a positive dent in your health. I offer consultations both in person and via Skype. 

So what are you waiting for make the call today - your body will love you for it!




                   WEIGHT LOSS

                   WEIGHT LOSS



What is Nutritional Medicine Anyhow?

Put simply it integrates science and principles of natural medicine into a distinct approach to nutritional practice.

Nutritional Medicine examines disturbances in body chemistry caused by nutritional imbalances, resulting from improper diet, food sensitivities, gastrointestinal dysfunction, inflammation and environmental toxic agents, that contribute to the patient's illness. Once identified, nutritional balance can be restored with a diet based on whole, natural foods, that are seasonal and organic (where possible), and are integrated with ongoing treatment and education.

The practice of nutritional medicine may employ the use of:

  • Behavioural and lifestyle counselling

  • Diet therapy with consideration to nutrient interactions

  • Food preparation and medicinal cooking

  • Therapeutic application of foods with specific functions

  • Digestive function and efficiency

  • Detoxification protocols

  • Prescription of nutritional supplements

  • Analysis of drug-nutrient interactions


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