Where do you shop?

Your food choices matter and make a difference.

According to an article on Aussie Farmers website, local farmers work relentlessly to produce enough fruit and veg to feed at least 60 million people, yet we spend more than $12 billion on imported food. Seems a little out of whack doesn't it?

My mission is to convert as many people like you to shop locally and tip the scales in favour of local produce. If everyone made a small change as to how they shop, collectively we'd directly help to reduce imports and keep our local farmers and suppliers in work. 

It can be a little overwhelming when making such a big change but it doesn't have to be, all it takes is just one swap. Why not start with your fruit and veg. A lot of local fruiterers are even offering delivery which is comparable with the bigger chains and great for those who are time poor. I actually find it a little exciting to get a box full of goodies delivered to my door each week. 

For the last month I've been shopping at Lime Fresh Produce and I'm really blown away by their support for local traders and their customers. Nothing is ever too much trouble. By shopping locally I get inside information on where my produce is coming from and how it was produced. The added bonus is l get to know my grocer on a personal level and If I give them the time, they load me up with a wealth information about their products.

In the news yesterday the Australian Government is seeking public opinion on a new design for the Australian Made logo. This is intended to make it easier for you to make an informed choice about the products you buy.  Whilst I'm not sure the new designs are anything spectacular I do think it is a step in the right direction as it's nearly impossible with the current labeling laws to know where your produce originated from.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which label you'd chose and why?

food labels.png