Dieting is OUT this Xmas

No more diets scrabble.jpeg

Lets get real . . the festive season is not the time to start a diet or aim for your highest drop on the scales .. don't do it to yourself!

This doesn't mean it has to be a complete write-off either.

It's about setting realistic goals and having realistic expectations of yourself and for no one else.  

Personally I think for the festive month December, your primary goal as far as your weight loss goals, should be to maintain your weight. This is far more realistic.

So to build on my previous blog 5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight Over the Silly Season here's another 5 tips to keep you focussed and maintaining your current weight NOT gaining.



1. It's OK to say NO !

You don't have to be like the Kardashian's .. unless you're getting paid to attend a party, it's ok to be a little choosey. I get there are some events that you just must attend like your partners Christmas dinner. This is pretty much non-negotiable and not worth the questioning of not attending!  But for all those impromptu catch-ups with friends you have a couple of options
a) politely decline or b) get a little creative - instead of catching up over a wine, suggest a game of bocce or lawn bowls, a walk along the beach followed by a coffee or have them around for a home made christmas mince pies . . . one is allowed ;)

Or if skipping the wine catch-up just isn't an option, go along for the wine catch-up but opt for a soda and lemon and just let them know your not drinking today. If they've got your back they'll understand. You can always do the sneaky switch so it looks like a spirit.


2. The Morning After FAST

Instead of fasting during the day because you've got a party to attend by night, you're better off eaing normally throughout the day with salad and protein being your go to options. If you go to the party starving you'll end up overeating on all the naughty stuff .. especially once the alcohol kicks in. The right time to fast is in the morning for around 12 to 16 hours since your last meal. This will give your liver a well earned break, especially if the party got a little boozy, helping to eliminate extra toxins and counteract the extra calories you might have consumed through fasting.


3. Don't Go Hungry

Building on my last tip .. don't go to a party hungry. Just like you shouldn't go food shopping when you're hungry the same rule applies to parties. I recommend having a protein based snack beforehand - such as:

  • some veggie sticks and hummus or nut butter of choice

  • 1/2 serve of green protein smoothie

  • boiled egg and tahini

  • small handful of nuts and seeds mix 

  • Small green salad tarted up with some feta, lemon juice and a squirt of olive oil


4. Watch Your Portion Sizes

Using smaller plates will make it feel like you're eating more food than you really are whilst keeping your portion size in check. Generally speaking you want to keep your protein to your palm size, starchy carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes to 1 fist size and the rest of the plate filled with mixed leafy greens.


You guessed it .. they're equal in portion size.


5. Blow Outs are NORMAL

Don’t let one blow out meal or an over-indulgent party derail your food intake for the rest of the week (or year!).

Don't even think about giving yourself a hard time either, it's done and hopefully you had a darn good time.

Your very next meal is your opportunity to get back on track. Not tomorrow or next week .. RIGHT NOW.

If you let things continue to slide you'll end up gaining weight. One meal isn’t enough to tip the scales in the wrong direction, but a whole week of bad eating will totally sabotage those numbers on the scales not to mention your clothes will start to feel a little tighter! 


Well ladies it's over to you now.


Be safe be merry text.png