The L-Word on Weight Loss . . . L.O.V.E

Weight loss is a booming industry with everyone wanting the quick fix or to be the one to invent one.

Well I'm not here to sell you any quick fixes but I do want to take the latest scientific research and turn it into something you can try today . . . and it involves L.O.V.E

So I need you to Spice up your LOVE hormone . . . and in-turn keep your weight down

I'm talking about oxytocin that's right the same hormone that's released by the the pituitary gland and causes increased contractions of the uterus during labour (don't worry I'm not asking you to get pregnant!) 

Oxytocin is also referred to as the “bonding or love hormone” that gets released during sex and physical connection that sparks emotion.

But here's the clincher researchers believe it may also play a role in regulating body weight and appetite

In this study, researchers found in humans that oxytocin reduced “reward-driven snack intake in the absence of hunger”. So you know those times when you're NOT HUNGRY but you just have a craving for a few chips and before you know it you've eaten the entire packet - well oxytocin helps down regulate this response. 

Oxytocin was also shown to lower blood sugar spikes in response to food. And when you control insulin levels you help to control your weight, as insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat cells but stimulates the body fat stores. That is, insulin tells the body to stop burning its fat stores and instead, absorb some of the fatty acids and glucose in the blood and turn them into more body fat.

This study showed If you give men oxytocin while they’re eating, it reduced their calorie intake, increased levels of other appetite-reducing hormones, and improved insulin sensitivity

So in practical terms what does mean . . . well whilst these studies were carried out in humans a lot of other supporting studies were done on mice and rats, which means there needs to be more robust long-term studies done on humans . . . boring!

The thing is you can't just grab an oxytocin pill and expect miracles as oxytocin can't survive once it hits your gut. The people in these studies are given oxytocin via an injection or nasal spray and not a pill. 

But we don't have to settle for boring you could actually experiment on yourself .. hear me out. 

Now I'm not advocating that you go out get yourself some synthetic oxytocin, we are exposed to enough synthetic hormones as it is. There are a number of methods to naturally increase your oxytocin levels and in-turn help you to maintain your weight. And the big bonus is they're FREE and the only reaction you'll experience is pure BLISS!


The How

holding hands.jpeg

Instead of a pill or foods that contain oxytocin think of things that give you a physical or emotional connection with someone or something. Here's my 

  • Getting a massage 

  • Being around your pet and petting it

  • Giving someone a huge hug

  • Holding hands with someone you love

  • If you happen to be nursing a little one - breastfeeding 

  • And you guessed it the big climax ... having sex raises oxytocin levels

Whilst the science still has a way to go, I think it makes perfect sense that if you have love in your life you tend to be happier within yourself and this can have a dramatic effect on your weight. So there's no other time like the festive season to share a hug with a love one or get a little busy under sheets all in the name of weight loss. And for those that don't have a partner perhaps a little summer romance is in order ;)

So stop reading and get busy!! 


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