5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight Over the Silly Season

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It’s official the festive season has arrived! Whilst your out having the time of your life your liver and waistline are screaming out for relief. Here are my go to tips to keep you in control and maintaining your weight.

1. Avoiding the Blow Out!

Allowing yourself to stray from your “perfect” diet (if there is such a thing) and indulge in an occasional treat, helps prevent the dreaded binge attack, which has a greater impact on your weight compared to a tiny splurge. So allow yourself the odd treat, but keep it in check – so maybe once a fortnight versus everyday. Enjoy and savour every last bit - NO guilt trips allowed here.

2. Crowd out the Treats

Instead of telling yourself what you shouldn’t have, focus on eating “healthy options” first before that piece of chocolate cake. You want to crowd out the treats and create a sense of being full by eating wholefoods first. This way you’ll naturally crowd out the “treats” without the lecture of “you shouldn’t be eating those”.

3. H2O

Sometimes when we think we’re hungry we are actually dehydrated so down a glass of water before you let the food do the talking. Chances are with the extra booze floating around you can do with the extra hydration! For every alcoholic beverage you need 2 glasses of water and a lot of toilet trips! And remember alcohol may fuel a fun night but as we all know it’s empty calories and generally what accompanies alcohol .. like fried take away that starts to tip the scales in the wrong direction.

4. Be Selective

So I’ve given you permission to have the odd treat but you also need to be a little selective. So the all or nothing mentality is what I’m talking about. So steer clear of the all you can eat dessert bar or high tea. And instead pick your one indulgence.. so perhaps a few glasses of bubbly but don’t think you can smash yourself with all the treats in one sitting and still maintain your weight. 

5. Say NO to Stress

They don’t call it the silly season for no reason, it sends people into a frenzy, increased road rage and shopping tantrums. So what do we turn to in a crisis – food and booze! So if you catch yourself heading to the wild side, stop yourself and head for a walk in the park or just breath! Stress is a major contributor to weight gain so don’t underestimate it’s impact. It is Xmas after all so have yourself a merry one.


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