Infertility Issues? Make Sure His Swimmers Are Ready to Go!


When we hear the word infertility, we automatically think – what’s wrong with her? But it needn’t be a blame game. We all know this approach is naïve - it takes two to tango, so its high time we include men in the pre-conception planning from the very beginning.

I don’t blame men for not working on their fertility, it’s a tough topic to discuss but its one that we shouldn’t shy away from. So much time, money and heart ache could of been avoided if couples had just considered the man’s health as part of the pre-conception plan.


Allowing adequate time for pre-conception is often something couples skimp on because their biological clock is ticking. But honestly, for the sake of few months, the health of your baby is far more important. So bring you’re A-game when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle – eat, live and breath it.

I recommend at least 4 to 6 months of pre-conception care before couples even begin trying to conceive. Why so long you ask? Well it takes about 90 days for sperm to form and mature and around 120 days for red blood cells to renew. Ideally you want to create a healthy environment for your swimmers to develop in and give yourself the best chance at becoming a proud dad.

You may also need to undertake lab tests, await results and have them interpreted – taking extra time. But gives you vital information to formulate a targeted pre-conception plan. 


It is critical to review both couples lifestyle and dietary intake and ensure key nutrients that support optimal fertility are covered, whilst eliminating all things considered toxic. The below diagram gives you a great snap shot of what your aiming for.





This diagram gives you key toxins to AVOID and better protect your swimmers.

They might seem harmless, but collectively an accumulative effect occurs. Imagine you’re catching at friends birthday over a BBQ - you enjoy a burger on a white roll, slap some margarine on it, a cheese slice and some lettuce and beetroot for good measure, whilst washing it down with an ice cold beer.

Later on the cake comes out and you can’t so no. Right there you’ve managed to have all banned toxins. Whilst you may not smoke you had your meat cooked over an open fire giving it a nice charred effect – which is carcinogenic, doh!

Essentially all of these toxins cause inflammation in the body. Lets consider gluten, it is an inflammatory food causing micro tears to the gut lining of ANYONE consuming it, not just Coeliacs and for this reason you need to avoid it. This means swapping barley, rye, oats and wheat products for gluten free grains: amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, quinoa, rice and sourghum.

It might sound overwhelming but with a little commitment and creativity you can do it and you don’t have to fly solo - working with a nutritionist will ensure you cover all your bases with ease.


For sexy swimmers your looking for great motility, volume, total count and morphology. Here are key nutrients to get those swimmers moving up stream

So the take away message:

Considering his swimmers is crucial in your pre-conception plan. It increases your chances to conceive, whilst giving your baby’s health the best start in life. 

Happy swimming!