The Nature Connection

Just 2 weeks ago it was rather balmy for Melbourne at this time of year but now the darker and shorter days have arrived. It's during this time that we start to become bear like - preferring our trackies, favourite block of chocolate and a great movie in, over getting out and about.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with 'staying in', being cooped up for too long can have a profound effect on our health. Not only are we missing out on Vitamin D (which I'll give you is harder to catch with winter looming) you're not feeding your own wellbeing.

So what does this mean 'feeding you wellbeing'. Whilst we all have different needs when it comes to our health and wellbeing I do believe that nature is the universal key for healing all humankind. And you can tap into this for FREE!

You don't have to be in the Botantical Gardens or a National park to appreciate nature you can simply visualise it if you don't have access to it. So if you find yourself in a heated meeting at work and you feel like your going to explode try diffusing this stress by visualising your "zen" spot or better still have a picture nearby to drawn you in to that space and inner calm. Simply spend 5 to 10 minutes just taking yourself there. Allowing your thoughts to wash over you and just being content with the now. Getting to this state is like a form of meditation and brings our focus to the present.  

This will take some practice and you might find being outside helps as you tune out the sounds of cars and construction and bring your focus to the sounds of nature that you can hear or feel such as the sun beaming on your back or the wind brushing against your cheeks, or the birds chirping in the trees. 

Feeding your wellbeing and reconnecting with nature has never been more important with our never ending to-do lists consuming our weekends and compact urbanisation becoming the new norm, as fulfilling the Aussie dream of owning a backyard is merely a fond memory of what our parents once had. 

Spending just 10 minutes in nature can induce feel good emotions that bring your heart rate down, get your head into the now and just allow you to be. 

Studies show that even gazing at a beautiful scenic photo of your favourite landscape can start to induce a wave of calmness over you and actually improve your mental performance and attention. So taking micro breaks throughout the day should be seen as invigorating and not to be classed as 'slacking off'

Bringing moments of 'present' into our daily lives is what life is really all about - as if we're stuck living in the past or the future we're not truly appreciating the now and instead find ourselves glued to our phones instead of really listening to our friend. The more present you are the more you find yourself on the path of living!

So get amongst nature and feed your soul.