Spring has arrived - HOORAY!!


What a beautiful spring day. What's your favourite pastime to welcome in Spring. I know for me it's time to hit the veggie garden and rejuvenate it. Here's some inspiration for you .. I just need to keep those pesky possums at bay and a wheelbarrow !!

The following planting guide is for Melbournian's and surrounding areas where the climate is temperate.


Frost Tender Vegetables

All varieties in red and marked with are frost tender. Tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants, in particular, should be grown as seedlings in a warm spot (cold frame or solarium) to get an early start.

Seeds of frost tender varieties can be sown one or two weeks before the last possible frost (if you are into gambling!) A plastic cloche covering the bed or row will also help extend the growing season.


Some vegetable seed will not germinate in hot weather. Shade is essential for the varieties marked in green. All seedlings benefit from being under 50% shade cloth on hot, windy days and it is possible to extend the growing season for less heat tolerant varieties such as English Spinach by growing them under shade cloth in summer.

This guide is courtesy of: http://www.allsun.com.au/plantingcalendar.pdf


Happy planting!