DAY 6 - Low Carb / High Fat Road Test


I've been struggling with the whole fibre argument since yesterdays post and being the food detective that I am, I decided to find out exactly how much fibre I ate today. To my surprise my total fibre intake for the day was 36.36 grams. This is bang on target for my recommended daily intake and well above the average intake of most adult Australians!

Fibre Intake

Whilst I have analysed just one's day's food intake it is a typical representation of my daily food intake throughout this experiment. So is it possible to get your daily dose of nutrients when on the LCHF diet? I think providing you eat enough veggies, nuts and seeds it's quite doable. 

Today my energy levels felt stable and I did not suffer with any adverse affects such as headaches.



  • Breakfast: left over coconut flat bread, lashings of avocado and natural peanut butter
  • Snack: handful of cashews
  • Lunch: left over bolognese, with zucchini spaghetti, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and field mushroom
  • Snack: handful of almonds
  • Dinner: chicken curry in coconut full-fat milk, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini and shredded kale and my secrete spice mix
  • Snack: 2 tbs yoghurt, coconut flakes, x1 tbs each of pepitas and hemp seeds
  • Beverages: Water x1L, Green tea x4 cups, rooibos tea x1

Stay tuned as I continue the LCHF challenge and dive deeper into nutrient analysis.

Yours in health
Chelsea xx