DAY 2: Low Carb/ High Fat Road Test

Day 2 - Spaghetti Bog with a twist 

Early days but this experiment is a little harder than I thought .. all I can think of is cooked oats, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat and fruit, oh sweet fruit! The human mind is a powerful thing when it comes to food - you take something out of your diet and all you can think of is what you can't have. My entire focus over the past 48 hours has been on carbs, carbs and more carbs. So from now on I'm going to focus on all the delicious foods I can eat, like full fat cream, butter, coconut oil, fluffy organic eggs and grass fed meats to name a few.

I won't lie to you it does require a little creativity when it comes to preparing meals. For breakfast today I cooked up a large field mushroom in butter along with two rashers of bacon and two large handfuls of kale. I drizzled a little olive oil, lemon and feta over the kale and mushroom. For someone who never eats bacon it was quite delicious and I had my husband putting in orders for tomorrow, he was quite jealous as he tucked into his daily oat regime.

I have to say I haven't felt as satisfied as I thought I would on high fat but that's probably due to burning the candle too late last night and today the carb cravings are knocking at my door to to pick me up but I resisted the temptation.

I experienced a mild headache after lunch today which faded out over the afternoon. Other than the headache and carb cravings nothing more to report except what I ate today:

Food intake for today

  • Breakfast:  field mushroom, two rashers of bacon and kale cooked in butter, seasoned with pepper and feta and olive oil.
  • Snack: bullet proof coffee (long black with, tbs each of coconut oil and butter)
  • Lunch: two poached eggs, rocket, onion, garlic, cucumber, tomato cooked in coconut oil
  • Snack: celery boats, topped with avocado, lemon, pepper and chopped almonds
  • Dinner: Spag bog with a twist - onion, garlic, silverbeet, fennel, fresh chilli, ground aniseed and coriander seeds and good quality mince. No pasta of course
  • Beverages: water x1L, green tea x1, dandelion tea x1, chamomile tea x1

Let's see how I fair on day 3 . . .