DAY 21 - LCHF Road Test - The Finale


Wuhoooo I survived 4 weeks on the LCHF (3 weeks blogging). It's a weird sense of achievement that I was able to control my eating for a month. Because for those of you who know me I eat a pretty varied diet and certainly do not restrict what I eat, aside from crapy processed foods. When it comes to carbs I typically don't eat a lot of bread, however, I would normally consume carbs with the majority of my meals such as rolled oats or brown rice for brekky, quinoa or buckwheat salad/veggies with protein for lunch or dinner and just mix up my herbs and spices, add coconut milk/cream for a different flavour altogether.  I certainly do not restrict my veggies according to carb content, in fact I think taubers can be a nice alternative to grains so instead of having your mince meat with pasta give yourself a break from the wheat and try it with sweet potato.  And the idea of not eating fruit aside from berries as it will ram your carb numbers up, is well sad .. just look at all those beautiful colours you're missing out on. Whilst people can go a little nuts with fruit. I think having a couple pieces is fine and a variety at that.

Whilst there is a lot of hype about LCHF there is limited scientific evidence that shows it to be beneficial for health and longevity across a wide cross section of the community. I believe that there is no one diet for everyone and the word diet is a problem right there. I am not saying that LCHF believe it is a diet they don't it is a lifestyle choice but just how sustainable is it ot restrict carbs and does this style of eating start to put you in the too hard basket when dinner invitations are being issued. Cutting out carbs could certainly cut you off from a lot of social settings but like everything it might just take a little planning ahead to make it work for you. I think rather dieting it is far better to make lifelong changes that are healthy for you and sustainable for your lifestyle. There's no point saying you're going to be a raw foodist and yet you love cooking! 

Overall I think there is some merit in reducing our carbohydrates and introducing quality protein and fats. We are starting to see some studies show it's efficacy in diabetes type 2. The point that I find interesting is that carbohydrates are not an essential macronutrient where as fats and proteins are crucial for homeostasis in the body. So there's some food for thought.

What do you think are you for or against LCHF?



  • Breakfast: x2 poached eggs cracked, spinach, cherry tomatoes and bacon, cooked in butter
  • Peanut butter on celery sticks
  • Lunch: tempeh, kale, cherry tomatoes, ginger, zucchini, cauliflower rice
  • Snack: yoghurt, coconut flakes, ground flaxseed, sunflower seeds and raw chocolate
  • Dinner: lamb mince, eggplant, mushrooms, kale and zucchini spaghetti
  • Beverages: water x1L, green tea x2 cups, rooibos tea x1, camomile tea x1

Yours in health