DAY 8 - Low Carb / High Fat Road Test


I have to confess on Saturday night I had a bit of a cheat day - My husband had a Christmas in July work party, outside!! It was absolutely freezing, but thankfully they had blankets and heaters on hand. The food was fantastic and just couldn't resist lentil shepherd's pie! I kept my serve to a minimum and figured I'd had a fairly light day of eating to so could afford to splurge a little on carbs. I didn't stop at the shepherd's pie, when desserts came out in these cute little jars I was suckered in. I took the smaller jar, which was a crustless lemon tart.

I think the important thing to recognise when you are trying a new way of eating is that there will be times that you deviate from the diet or have a little treat. But it's important to enjoy it and don't berate yourself over it. Otherwise what's the point! Food is so much more than just calories in calories out; it allows you to experience new tastes, learn new culinary skills, connect and spend quality time with family and friends and the opportunity for you to build a healthy relationship with food.  

For me there is no diet that meets everyone's needs that's why you need to experiment with what works for you. Which is exactly what I'm doing on this road test. Personally whilst I am quite ok with the increase of fat in my diet I don't think restricting my carbs is a lifelong plan for me. I don't eat too many processed carbs, it's more about the grains that I miss they make me feel calm and satisfied, provide texture and warmth and I just feel incomplete without them.

Don't worry I will see this challenge out but I think I'll return to carbs at the end of it. But then again I still have just under a fortnight to go, so maybe the fat will win me over by then!


  • Breakfast: homemade coconut yoghurt (made from coconut creme), coconut flakes, pepitas, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and vanilla
  • Snack: handful of cashews
  • Lunch: Tomato soup (homemade)
  • Snack: handful of almonds
  • Dinner: Work Christmas party!!  Ceasar salad in a jar, lamb, baby carrots, lentil shepherds pie, celery and apple colesaw and followed up by dessert. Yes I splurged and had crustless lemon tart in a jar 
  • Beverages: Water x1L, Green tea x4 cups, rooibos tea x2

Tomorrow I'll be on the straight and narrow again!

Yours in health
Chelsea xx