Cracking the Diet Code

I had the pleasure of presenting at Core Principles' annual retreat on Sunday and had a blast. It was hosted in beautiful Marysville which is just stunning at this time of year. As we wound our way through the Black Spur is was just breath taking as the sun broke through the dense forest. 

Meanwhile a group of fitness fanatics (who managed an easy 6 hour hike the day before!!) were actually awake and bracing themselves for a discussion on dieting and the common pitfalls people often find themselves in.

It really does amaze me at that going on a diet is an indicator and statistic that in 5 years time you will most likely put all of your weight back on, plus more. It's time to change our approach to weight loss and put a STOP to DIETING and get on board with lifestyle changes that work for you.

The group shared some interesting experiences and hopefully learnt a thing or two along the way. I wonder what I'll talk about next time round  . . .


Share with me your ideas for my next topic!