How to Create Small Changes To Have Your Healthiest Year Ever

Are you tired of New Year's resolution not coming to fruition - especially when it comes to your own weight loss goals. It's time to change your tack and trade-in a complete dietary overhaul for one bite sized change at time kind of approach!

You know yourself that when you embark on a new diet, the first day might be ok but the second and third days are horrendous and you tell yourself it will get easier .. but seriously cutting out an entire food group overnight is not the answer long term. If you're serious about achieving long-term results then stop taking the same old route of a quick fix it will only end in tears. And it's not from a lack of trying but the science tells us that those that diet are more likely to put all the weight back on - AND MORE!

Everyone wants long-term results but we think it has to be difficult to achieve it. Well what if I told you it's all about changing your mind set. By taking just one action at a time and you're allowing yourself the space and time to focus on just one mini goal at a time and by doing this you're more likely to form a habit that lasts you a life time.  Now doesn't that just sound soooooo much easier.

And with each new habit you're building solid foundations to a better healthier you for life. Your health is a never ending journey and without it we lose our quality of life so it shouldn't have an end date like a diet it's a continuous journey that you work at and if you drop the ball occasionally that's ok just pick it up again and roll it in the direction you want to head in and you'll soon be amazed at what you can achieve from small beginnings.


3 easy health shifts to get you losing weight and healthy in 2018

1. Eat more GREENS

2. HYDRATE yourself in the morning

3. Add more HEALTHY FATS





Greens are packed full of nutrition, including antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, helping your body to boost it's immune system, ramp up your vitality and even aid with weight loss - through their superpowers to enhance digestion (particularly bitter greens). With extra fiber you'll feel fuller for longer whilst helping you to keep regular!




Aim for 3 handfuls per meal, starting with dinner, and over time include GREENS at lunch and yes even at breakfast!

Try a green salad with a main meal - such as rocket, parsley and cucumber as a base and add to it along with a simple dressing using extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Eggs with green herbs (a homemade pesto is delish)

Green smoothie or green vegetable juice

Steam some cruciferous veggies like broccoli, Brussel sprouts and kale, top with sea salt and olive oil

Trade your traditional sandwich for a green wrap - coz lettuce leaves or swiss chard leaves work nicely as a wrap or have a go at making your own sushi !

Stir fried asian greens with a main meal




We all know that water is essential for life but how many of us really pay attention to what we drink.

The benefits of water are endless, hydration aside it boosts your energy levels, keeps that beautiful brain of yours firing on all cylinders so that you can actually remember stuff (who'd of thought!), flushes out toxins and keeps you clean on the inside if you know what I mean.

So what does all this have to do with weight loss you ask? The benefits from water actually impact your weight - either directly or indirectly. For example, have you ever noticed when you're dehydrated you feel tired and the old brain just isn't as sharp at making decisions, and just can't decide on what to eat. And what happens when you're tired and indecisive . . . you go for the nearest sweet fix to give you a spike in energy that only sees you crashing down in an hour and wanting another hit.

Water also helps you to feel full and often when you think that you're hungry you're actually just dehydrated - so next time you feel hungry reach for the water before grabbing thatsugary snack. 

We dehydrate overnight so to get your hydration levels up and your bowels kick started in the morning, try one of these simple drinks to start your day.

Try hydrating yourself first thing every morning with any of these options:

  • Plain water either cold or hot (filtered if possible)

  • Turmeric tea

  • Green vegetable juice

  • Warm water and lemon juice





Essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9) are just that, they're essential for our bodies to get through our diet as we're unable to produce ourselves. To keep it simple I want you to focus on omega 3's which are extra special given their anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Here are some my goto omega-3's for you to try:








Other healthy fat sources:

Extra Virgin olive oil

Coconut oil

Avocado oil


Butter (grass-fed, no added-salt is best)

Organic, free-range eggs

Organic dairy - feta, greek natural yoghurt

Nuts and seeds


Give one healthy shift to focus on each week or fortnight.

At the start of a new week or fortnight add a new health shift (but only if you feel ready .. there's no rush). 

Give it a go and let me know how you go

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The L-Word on Weight Loss . . . L.O.V.E

Weight loss is a booming industry with everyone wanting the quick fix or to be the one to invent one.

Well I'm not here to sell you any quick fixes but I do want to take the latest scientific research and turn it into something you can try today . . . and it involves L.O.V.E

So I need you to Spice up your LOVE hormone . . . and in-turn keep your weight down

I'm talking about oxytocin that's right the same hormone that's released by the the pituitary gland and causes increased contractions of the uterus during labour (don't worry I'm not asking you to get pregnant!) 

Oxytocin is also referred to as the “bonding or love hormone” that gets released during sex and physical connection that sparks emotion.

But here's the clincher researchers believe it may also play a role in regulating body weight and appetite

In this study, researchers found in humans that oxytocin reduced “reward-driven snack intake in the absence of hunger”. So you know those times when you're NOT HUNGRY but you just have a craving for a few chips and before you know it you've eaten the entire packet - well oxytocin helps down regulate this response. 

Oxytocin was also shown to lower blood sugar spikes in response to food. And when you control insulin levels you help to control your weight, as insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat cells but stimulates the body fat stores. That is, insulin tells the body to stop burning its fat stores and instead, absorb some of the fatty acids and glucose in the blood and turn them into more body fat.

This study showed If you give men oxytocin while they’re eating, it reduced their calorie intake, increased levels of other appetite-reducing hormones, and improved insulin sensitivity

So in practical terms what does mean . . . well whilst these studies were carried out in humans a lot of other supporting studies were done on mice and rats, which means there needs to be more robust long-term studies done on humans . . . boring!

The thing is you can't just grab an oxytocin pill and expect miracles as oxytocin can't survive once it hits your gut. The people in these studies are given oxytocin via an injection or nasal spray and not a pill. 

But we don't have to settle for boring you could actually experiment on yourself .. hear me out. 

Now I'm not advocating that you go out get yourself some synthetic oxytocin, we are exposed to enough synthetic hormones as it is. There are a number of methods to naturally increase your oxytocin levels and in-turn help you to maintain your weight. And the big bonus is they're FREE and the only reaction you'll experience is pure BLISS!


The How

holding hands.jpeg

Instead of a pill or foods that contain oxytocin think of things that give you a physical or emotional connection with someone or something. Here's my 

  • Getting a massage 

  • Being around your pet and petting it

  • Giving someone a huge hug

  • Holding hands with someone you love

  • If you happen to be nursing a little one - breastfeeding 

  • And you guessed it the big climax ... having sex raises oxytocin levels

Whilst the science still has a way to go, I think it makes perfect sense that if you have love in your life you tend to be happier within yourself and this can have a dramatic effect on your weight. So there's no other time like the festive season to share a hug with a love one or get a little busy under sheets all in the name of weight loss. And for those that don't have a partner perhaps a little summer romance is in order ;)

So stop reading and get busy!! 


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Dieting is OUT this Xmas

No more diets scrabble.jpeg

Lets get real . . the festive season is not the time to start a diet or aim for your highest drop on the scales .. don't do it to yourself!

This doesn't mean it has to be a complete write-off either.

It's about setting realistic goals and having realistic expectations of yourself and for no one else.  

Personally I think for the festive month December, your primary goal as far as your weight loss goals, should be to maintain your weight. This is far more realistic.

So to build on my previous blog 5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight Over the Silly Season here's another 5 tips to keep you focussed and maintaining your current weight NOT gaining.



1. It's OK to say NO !

You don't have to be like the Kardashian's .. unless you're getting paid to attend a party, it's ok to be a little choosey. I get there are some events that you just must attend like your partners Christmas dinner. This is pretty much non-negotiable and not worth the questioning of not attending!  But for all those impromptu catch-ups with friends you have a couple of options
a) politely decline or b) get a little creative - instead of catching up over a wine, suggest a game of bocce or lawn bowls, a walk along the beach followed by a coffee or have them around for a home made christmas mince pies . . . one is allowed ;)

Or if skipping the wine catch-up just isn't an option, go along for the wine catch-up but opt for a soda and lemon and just let them know your not drinking today. If they've got your back they'll understand. You can always do the sneaky switch so it looks like a spirit.


2. The Morning After FAST

Instead of fasting during the day because you've got a party to attend by night, you're better off eaing normally throughout the day with salad and protein being your go to options. If you go to the party starving you'll end up overeating on all the naughty stuff .. especially once the alcohol kicks in. The right time to fast is in the morning for around 12 to 16 hours since your last meal. This will give your liver a well earned break, especially if the party got a little boozy, helping to eliminate extra toxins and counteract the extra calories you might have consumed through fasting.


3. Don't Go Hungry

Building on my last tip .. don't go to a party hungry. Just like you shouldn't go food shopping when you're hungry the same rule applies to parties. I recommend having a protein based snack beforehand - such as:

  • some veggie sticks and hummus or nut butter of choice

  • 1/2 serve of green protein smoothie

  • boiled egg and tahini

  • small handful of nuts and seeds mix 

  • Small green salad tarted up with some feta, lemon juice and a squirt of olive oil


4. Watch Your Portion Sizes

Using smaller plates will make it feel like you're eating more food than you really are whilst keeping your portion size in check. Generally speaking you want to keep your protein to your palm size, starchy carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes to 1 fist size and the rest of the plate filled with mixed leafy greens.


You guessed it .. they're equal in portion size.


5. Blow Outs are NORMAL

Don’t let one blow out meal or an over-indulgent party derail your food intake for the rest of the week (or year!).

Don't even think about giving yourself a hard time either, it's done and hopefully you had a darn good time.

Your very next meal is your opportunity to get back on track. Not tomorrow or next week .. RIGHT NOW.

If you let things continue to slide you'll end up gaining weight. One meal isn’t enough to tip the scales in the wrong direction, but a whole week of bad eating will totally sabotage those numbers on the scales not to mention your clothes will start to feel a little tighter! 


Well ladies it's over to you now.


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5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight Over the Silly Season

Tis the season to be jolly.png



It’s official the festive season has arrived! Whilst your out having the time of your life your liver and waistline are screaming out for relief. Here are my go to tips to keep you in control and maintaining your weight.

1. Avoiding the Blow Out!

Allowing yourself to stray from your “perfect” diet (if there is such a thing) and indulge in an occasional treat, helps prevent the dreaded binge attack, which has a greater impact on your weight compared to a tiny splurge. So allow yourself the odd treat, but keep it in check – so maybe once a fortnight versus everyday. Enjoy and savour every last bit - NO guilt trips allowed here.

2. Crowd out the Treats

Instead of telling yourself what you shouldn’t have, focus on eating “healthy options” first before that piece of chocolate cake. You want to crowd out the treats and create a sense of being full by eating wholefoods first. This way you’ll naturally crowd out the “treats” without the lecture of “you shouldn’t be eating those”.

3. H2O

Sometimes when we think we’re hungry we are actually dehydrated so down a glass of water before you let the food do the talking. Chances are with the extra booze floating around you can do with the extra hydration! For every alcoholic beverage you need 2 glasses of water and a lot of toilet trips! And remember alcohol may fuel a fun night but as we all know it’s empty calories and generally what accompanies alcohol .. like fried take away that starts to tip the scales in the wrong direction.

4. Be Selective

So I’ve given you permission to have the odd treat but you also need to be a little selective. So the all or nothing mentality is what I’m talking about. So steer clear of the all you can eat dessert bar or high tea. And instead pick your one indulgence.. so perhaps a few glasses of bubbly but don’t think you can smash yourself with all the treats in one sitting and still maintain your weight. 

5. Say NO to Stress

They don’t call it the silly season for no reason, it sends people into a frenzy, increased road rage and shopping tantrums. So what do we turn to in a crisis – food and booze! So if you catch yourself heading to the wild side, stop yourself and head for a walk in the park or just breath! Stress is a major contributor to weight gain so don’t underestimate it’s impact. It is Xmas after all so have yourself a merry one.


Be safe be merry text.png




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